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Phase 1

Evaluation Design

We will collaborate with you to design a custom impact assessment or outcome evaluation that fits your resource budget and timeline.

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Phase 2

Data Gathering

Follow our custom evaluation management plan to gather your data. Or hire a student intern to have them manage the data gathering process for you.

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Phase 3

Data Analysis

If you have data already in-hand, we will analyze your data for you and provide a report on the key indicators that matter most to you.

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We provide evaluation planning and data analysis services to government and nonprofit organizations. We design practical, right-sized evaluations including budgets, timelines, measurement instruments and analysis plans. 

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Partner with Us

Interested organizations can apply to participate in the GoodMeasure program through the links on this page. Apply for Phase 1  of GoodMeasure to begin the process of evaluation planning (January through April).

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Community Partners

Our community partners come from a wide range of public, nonprofit, and private charitable organizations. We look for community partners who are committed to building stronger evidence-based practices.

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Professional Quality

Tailored Evaluation Plans

We design evaluation protocols that meet your organization’s needs and resource constraints.


Partner With Us



We target our written evaluation plans and statistical reports to the audience you most need to communicate with, whether that is your board, your donors, etc.


We create evaluation plans that fit within your budget and human resource constraints, even if you have no funds set aside for evaluation.


We use constantly evolving, best practice techniques to ensure that your evaluation is appropriately powered and meets professional quality standards.


Our evaluation plans include logic models, literature reviews, and both qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments.


Community Partners: Apply Now

You can apply online to partner with us.